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QR-Code Maker Freeware

Use QR-Code Studio to create QR codes for free. An assistant simplifies the creation of QR codes for mobile tagging
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18 June 2013

Editor's review

Some of us may not be completely familiar with the concept of QR codes. Essentially QR codes are a set matrix style machine readable format which allows the encompassing of great amount of data in a very small space. With mobile QR code readers coming into vogue their popularity have soared and today you can notice QR codes on job advertisements, business cards to ads in newspapers. Now if you are looking for an effectual QR code generator, look no further than the QR-Code Maker Freeware 1.0.0 which gives you the flexibility to create mobile tagging codes with effortless ease.

On launch the QR-Code Maker Freeware 1.0.0 application presents before you a well structured and user friendly interface. To start with you can place the URL in the Input assistant text field. In the bottom panel you have the option to set the size of the QR code including both height and width. Next you can set the resolution as per your need and choose the appropriate colors. Using the caption tab you can create the necessary labels as needed. You can also adjust the quiet zones, however if you are a novice user we would suggest that you stick to the default settings. The top pane is essentially kept for showcasing the QR code that is generated. The application can even generate codes necessary for inclusion in vCards and for events too. The output images can be obtained in any of popular graphics format such as Jpeg, Tiff or PNG. The application is available completely free for non commercial use and comes with accompanying help file to guide you through the process.

Overall we find the QR-Code Maker Freeware 1.0.0 as a rather useful tool and mark it with a score of four points on account of its intelligent features including multiple encoding options like Japanese and Chinese besides the standard UTF-8 format.

Publisher's description

Use the freeware QR-Code Studio to quickly create QR codes for any application. Special know-how is not required; an assistant simplifies the creation of QR codes for mobile tagging, social media, business cards, etc. The professional interface supports the adjustment of settings like the color or captions. The generated QR-Codes are available immediately as BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF graphic file.
Feature Overview
* Professional interface for adjusting size, module width, resolution, quiet zones, colors, code page, error correction or captions
* Data input assistent for business cards (vCard, meCard), mobile tagging (URL, phone call, SMS, email), events (vCalendar), Android links (Android market, WiFi), social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and SEPA payments
* Integrated Google and Bitly URL shortener services
* Image output as BMP, GIF, JPG, TIFF and PNG files
QR-Code Studio is absolutely free for private and non-commercial use. For commercial use we recommend TEC-IT's bar code maker software Barcode Studio.
QR-Code Maker Freeware
QR-Code Maker Freeware
Version 1.0
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